Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Mental Survival

My spies tell me that Terry Waite was speaking at an event in London today, and included the mantra of 'no regrets, no self-pity, no sentimentality'. If you are one of those who has read my book (see below) you will recognise that this was his plan, while held captive in Beirut, to survive mentally through his tremendous ordeal. He did not, of course, know that he would survive from one day to the next.

He added today that he found that in times of great distress your body comes to your aid. He said that while in captivity he had only good dreams. Then one when day he was told that he would die in five hours time he fell asleep for all of the five hours.

Part of that, I am certain, is that Terry had a clear conscience during the time he was held. He had no guilt for his situation, so did not beat himself up about the dreadful plight he had found himself in.

So, no guilt equals a clear conscience, which leads to greater mental resilience. If that worked for someone in the most desperate time of his life, then being guilt-free is a mighty fine way to live normally!

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