Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Carole Ann Rice- Daily Express Coloumnist.

Carole Ann Rice has a Monday column in the Daily Express. I cannot retweet it as it has not appeared on the newspaper's website, but the gist of it is this.  NO REGRETS!
She reckons that Edif Piaf (you know, of "Je ne regrette rien" fame, unless you are too young. It was a song.) had it right. There has been a study by Science Express, which says that when we are young it is easier to learn from regret, but as we age second chances become fewer, regret is more important to us and harder to overcome.
The study also says that the key to ageing happily is to let go of disappointment, and cut out seeing our problems in life with a sense of self-loathing.
As Carole writes, the here and now is a gift to us and that is why it is called the present.
So, if you are still younger than older you know what to do with painful memories. Get rid of them!
I'm not sure what age has got to do with it. Letting go of pain is a great idea whatever age one might be. You may stick with the past or look to the future. If you are 80 you may have less future than most, but what you do with that future is completely up to you. What do you want, peace or resentment?

Carole Ann Rice has a website at realcoachingco.com and she is a life and happiness coach.

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